Travel to Larnaca

Cyprus has two international airports, Larnaca and Paphos International Airports.

Larnaca International Airport opened 38 years ago in 1975, on the 6th of February, with the landing of the first aircraft type Viscount, which had been rented from Cyprus Airways. From the 10th of November 2009, the new Larnaca International Airport started operating in ultramodern facilities, offering 100,000 square meters of covered space, expanding the service to 7.5 million passengers a year.

Paphos International Airport started its operation on November 17, 2008, with modern facilities, offering 18.5 square meters of public services, serving 2.7 million customers a year.

There are numerous direct daily flights to and from the island. Usually they are direct flights from most European countries. From the USA, Australia, and Asia, attendees can fly through one of the main European airports (e.g., London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, etc.).

The distance between the Larnaca International Airport and Pyla (venue area) is 25km (15.53 miles) and between the Paphos airport and Pyla (venue area) is 142km (88.23 miles).